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Gorontalo, Sulawesi

Gorontalo is an Indonesian province on the island of Sulawesi, a hidden paradise, it is so referred to!  One can visit this via a short stopover from Makassar (UPG Airport) which can be accessible with a short flight from Jakarta.

Pulo Cinta

Gorontalo is mostly known for its scenic love island (Pulo Cinta) http://www.pulocinta.com/

Swim together with whaleshark (if you are lucky)

Must-eat Tuna Satay and traditional Yellow Rice

Abundant Agricultural will be in corns and coconuts~

Gorontalo’s coconut trees is defined as cocos nurcifera , this is not the same as the hybrid coconuts, that is genetically modified. These trees need the hard-work of sunshine and rain, as long as 15years to be fully grown! Cocos nurcifera is also known locally as KELAPA DALAM (which literally mean insider coconut), which grow mostly in mountainous arena absorbing ample rainforest water, these gave the coco-fruits a sweeter taste.

TJT relies on the farmers to gather this coconuts daily, and this teamwork has been going on for 12 years. In conclusion, all products of TJT are made from these KELAPA DALAM, and these are the finest grade of coconuts universally~

Have a coconutic day ahead!!

Salam from Gorontalo,

TJT coconutics