DESICCATED COCONUT by PT. Tri Jaya Tangguh is made from mature Gorontalo coconut meat which was shredded and dried accordingly, before being packed into craft paper bags. DESICCATED COCONUT is unsweetened and graded by its cutting size where “fine grade” contains smaller coconut meat than “medium grade”. This product can be easily stored and have the shelf life of minimum a year, depending on the storage.

Specifications for HF DC/ *RF DC, HS Code 0801 1100

Colour Natural White Natural White
Flavour Mild & Sweet Mild & Sweet
Impurities Max 10/100 g Max 4/100 g
pH 6.5-6.7 6.5-6.7
Fat Content High Fat: 65% (+/-3)
Reduced Fat: 55% (+/-3)
High Fat: 65% (+/-3)
Reduced Fat: 55% (+/-3)
Free Fatty Acid 0.10% max 0.10% max
Total Plate Count </=5000col/gr </=5000col/gr
Mould & Yeast </=100col/gr </=100col/gr
Enterobacte-rialceae </=50col/gr </=50col/gr
Coliform count </=10col/gr </=10col/gr
Staphylo-coccus Negative Negative
E. Coli Negative Negative
Salmonella (in25) N.D N.D
Aflotoxin N.D N.D

Granular sizes

On US Sieve 10 0-2% max On US Sieve 6 0-0% max
On US Sieve 14 4-10% max On US Sieve 10 2-13% max
On US Sieve 16,20 40-73% max On US Sieve 12,14 43-71% max
On US Sieve 30 20-33% max On US Sieve 16,20 20-46% max
Pan 0-12% max Pan 0-6% max