Indonesia's Finest Coconut Products

We produce the best desiccated coconut

Our three founders realized that coconut is the basic ingredient of Indonesia’s rich culinary heritage which should be nurtured.

Superior Product Quality

We have products with high and consistent quality standards.


Our company constantly innovates to improve products, production processes or offer new product variants..


Our company can offer competitive prices without sacrificing quality.

Best service

Starting from ordering, fast delivery, to responsive after-sales service, all of this helps build customer trust.


The company has sustainable business practices, such as use of environmentally friendly materials, sustainable farming.

Good Reputation:

Have a good reputation in the industry, have quality certifications, or have positive testimonials from customers.

Indonesia's Finest Coconut Products

We produced the best desiccated coconut

PT. Tri Jaya Tangguh is one of the biggest coconut products manufacturer in Indonesia. We produced the best desiccated coconut, coconut cream and coconut water. We are committed to explore coconut's benefits and share them to all parts of the world.

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Best Product

We have high quality products


100% raw coconut meat, directly grated and dried, unsweetened delicacies that is ready to use.


Coconut Cream is the rich, smooth, thick cream extracted from the white flesh of mature coconuts.


Gives the perfect balance of electrolytes and natural hydration for everyone’s daily activities


Coconut Expeller cake are residue left after the partial or complete removal of oil from mechanical milling in coconut residue. which is used as protein source and concentrate agent of feed.


Coconut Oil (CNO) derived from different parts of the coconut then processed with mechanical milling. Use as raw material and refined to be processed again into food oil.

OUR Factory

We produced the best desiccated coconut

Our factory is located at Gorontalo where there is abundant coconut plantations. We pride ourselves on our commitment to support the coconut farmers by using first-hand dealing to create mutual benefits with them and producing the finest coconut products.